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Why I Choose to Teach

I’m not an educator by trade, I’m a designer. That’s actually my first love and passion, and I’m not half bad at it either. However, I’ve made a conscious decision to make education my career and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. I take great pride in what I do and I feel it’s an area that we’re seriously lacking in throughout this country. So, in an effort to do my part, I teach.

Education certainly isn’t the most glamorous trade in the world. In fact, you’re more likely to get lambasted than praised, especially if you choose to do your teaching through an online presence as I have done these past few years. So what keeps me coming back? In short, it’s the people. Each and every person that gains even the most minuscule bit of knowledge from the content I produce gives me a great sense of joy and accomplishment, and that is what life is all about. I’ve often said that the best part of my job is when I see someone have that “light bulb moment” and realize that they CAN do something that they originally thought to be out of their reach.

Within the online training community I feel as though there are a lot of folks that are in it for the wrong reasons. They may have gotten into it for the right reasons, but now, not so much. I won’t name names, but there are plenty of people in this business that crank out half-assed content for the sake of turning a quick buck… You know who you are. I, on the other hand, enjoy the process of teaching. I love the process learning something new so that I can share that knowledge with someone else and in some small way help them in their journey through life.

I’m a very public person and I always try to give my audience/students an easy channel through which to contact me. I love answering emails, blog comments, tweets, and facebook messages… No, really I do! When’s the last time you were able to send an email to one of the “big boys” and you actually got a personalized response? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I use every email or message I get to learn more about my audience and analyze what I should be learning/teaching. I also use messages that I get as motivation to keep going. Though I’m living my dream and doing something I love, I’m hardly wealthy, but reading messages like the one below make it all worth it!

Thank you for this post. I have a long story too. You have inspired me again. I attended a few of your tutorials last year shortly before you left OK. I left in December. I was miserable there and desperately wanted to get back to my life in CA. The people who truly are supportive of me are proud of me. It wasn’t easy. I took a huge leap of faith and just headed back here. I’m going to be using your new tutorials to get back to the career I used to have here, or hopefully something even better. I’m proud of you for what all you have accomplished. I couldn’t believe they had you at The Div. I thought of you as a rock star, i had heard of you online before. Your level of expertise is something I never thought I could achieve. I now have hope that I can have an even better career and more peace of mind. Meditating on the beach doesn’t hurt either! Have a great day, you have certainly earned your happiness. – Cyndi Pipes

I think if more people focused on the lives they were changing instead of the dollars they were collecting, the education market might not be in such bad shape! I appreciate each and every person that attends one of my classes or watches one of my videos, and my only hope is that you enjoy them and get something out of them. That’s why I do what I do.


  1. I already commented on your post about CreativeLive, but I just wanted to say again… I had just (about week before your class) made the leap to a self-hosted wordpress site. Your video workshop helped me SO much. I’m still only scraping the surface, but I have a new respect for the versatility of that platform. My interests seem to line-up with yours (photography, design, web, and even health/fitness) and I’m glad I can follow along on your site and keeping learning. Thanks for caring and sharing!

    1. Thank you Sonal. I love sharing my experiences, both personal and professional, and I’m glad they are (in some way) beneficial to you. I appreciate the comment(s) and that you took the time to read my article and watch the CL sessions. Take care!

  2. Great post, it echos a lot of my own sentiments about teaching. I’ve taught in the corporate space for a long time, and more recently I’ve taken on the challenge of teaching in the academic realm. Like many of our public servants, e.g., police, fire, it’s sometimes an unappreciated task, but when it is that good feeling makes up for the empty moments.

    You my friend are a constant source of inspiration, and I appreciate the way you push me to be better just by being you.


    1. Thanks A.J. I appreciate that, seriously. Hope all is well with you and yours, and I wish you continued success!

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