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How to Find Stock Photos that Don’t Suck

As an online educator that relies on digital images for my exercise files, I’m constantly on the lookout for great stock photos for my videos. The problem is that most stock images suck. In fact, they suck out loud. Stock images have become cookie cutter and just flat out cheesy. However, recently I’ve stumbled upon a few sites that offer up royalty free stock images (for free) that really stand out above the crowd. Therefore, I present to you, how to find stock photos that don’t suck.


unsplashUnsplash is one of my new favorite resources for stock photos. I love the styling of the images themselves, and the inventory is refreshed every 10 days. Combine that with their do what you want license and you’ve got one awesome stock photography site.

Little Visuals


Little Visuals is another one of my favorites, but for a completely different reason than Unsplash. While the site offers a blog style list of photos, just like Unsplash does, it also delivers a zipped package of images to you every 7 days. They also sport the same license that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.



Gratisography is a stock photo site started by Ryan McGuire, and it also has a large group of free photos without copyright restriction. I love the interface of the site itself, and the images are also really well done, I think.

New Old Stock


New Old Stock is an amazing site that showcases vintage photos from public archives. They are free of known copy protections and can be used under the Flickr Commons Usage Guides. I love these photos because they’re truly vintage, and not just some instagramic imitation.



Getrefe is the final site on my list. I like the site because of the styling of the images and also because it’s a Tumblr site, which makes it easy for me to subscribe and keep up with all their latest updates. They don’t use any standardized form of licensing, but do say that the photos are free for both personal and professional use.


Well, there you have it. Hopefully these sites will help you when you’re looking for stock photos for your next project. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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