Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs [infographic]

Steve Jobs is one of the most influential and controversial figures in history. He’s best known as the co-founder of Apple, Inc. and the consummate showman that took that stage at countless Apple product announcements. In addition to being a technology visionary, Jobs was also extremely insightful and gave us several memorable quotes throughout his lifetime.

I have a deep appreciation for his life and work, mostly because I’m a self-professed Apple fanboy, and I created the aforementioned infographic to commemorate some of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes. Steve had a harsh temper and never minced words, but this is part of what made him such a captivating person, I think. Some of his most well-known quotes are simple, and at times harsh, but they’re spot-on and deep all at the same time. Take a look at the graphic, read the quotes, and feel free to use and/or share it in any way you want. Thanks for reading and checking it out.