5 Industries that Could Benefit from a Silicon Valley Makeover

The fine folks of Silicon Valley have changed the way we live our lives in many ways. However, for all the good they’ve done, there are still quite a few industries that they’ve yet to take on. I’m not sure if it’s because they feel that they can’t change the status quo, or if they simply don’t think it’s worth the hassle. In this article I’ll go over 5 industries that, I believe, could benefit from a Silicon Valley makeover.



This is at the top of my list because of the mess that our country currently finds itself in. While we’re making strides to ensure that people have affordable healthcare in this country, we’re still a long way from where we need to be. In addition to the coverage aspect, I’d also love to see a billionaire philanthropist reinvent the drug industry so that innovation could resume and bureaucracy ¬†would fade away. Oftentimes new promising medications aren’t given to patients because of the extensive red tape that’s involved in getting them “approved” beforehand. Also, many of these drugs price people out. I’d love to see someone come along and find a way to make all medications free or close to it. Yeah, I know it’s a long shot, but they said we couldn’t put a man on the moon either, remember?


Fast Food

As someone who has been fighting the battle against obesity for quite some time now, I’d really like to see someone come along and revolutionize the concept of fast food. Would it be too much to ask for a drive-thru restaurant to serve organic veggies or grass-fed beef? How about drive-thru juicing or cleansing beverages? Instead of lining up around the block for In-N-Out burgers, people could actually get healthy food at an affordable price without having to cook it themselves… Yeah, that’d be awesome.



Yes, Elon Musk is well on his way to single-handedly doing this, but competition is a good thing. Someone else needs to come along and drive innovation in the electric/hybrid space. It’s quite obvious that, with the current establishment, our dependence on foreign oil isn’t going away any time soon. We should be developing cars that run on clean fuels, or solar, or wind, or something besides friggin’ gasoline!


Air Travel

While Virgin America certainly has a startup vibe, at their core they’re still very much a “traditional” airline. Perhaps Mr. Musk can develop an electric plane that comfortably holds 100-200 people with everyone having a first-class experience. Oh, and let’s get rid of checked bag fees, the TSA, flight attendants, and “overselling” seats while we’re at it. All of these things are antiquated and could be revamped or replaced with very little effort, in my opinion.



Yep, I know, I work for a company that is hard at work on revamping the concept of education around the world. However, we do not offer degrees, nor do we plan to do so (at least to my knowledge). As long as a degree is something employers are looking for, people are still going to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to attend a brick & mortar university. We need to reinvent the classroom, the concept of what qualifies a person to do a job, and most importantly, tuition. There’s no reason that I should pay the full tuition price of a college semester if I’m taking online classes. However, oftentimes online classes cost more than regular in-classroom credits do… What’s up with that? Please, someone fix this and fix it now!


I’m sure there are more industries that could benefit from a Silicon Valley makeover, but these are the ones that would be on my priority list if I were in charge of such things. I know I’m not the guy to do this, so this is my plea to the “movers and shakers” that have the means and ability to make it so. What do you think? Are there any other industries that could use a remodel? Hit me up in the comments or via social media and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading!