10 Creative Examples of Hexagon Designs

Hexagons are the new black. Not only are designers using them for badges and icons, but they’re also being incorporated into branding and other collateral in different and creative ways as well. In this post I’ll show you 10 creative examples of hexagon designs… Enjoy!











Flatness Meets Geometry

While this post is specifically about hexagon designs, geometric shapes in general are huge right now, right alongside the “flat” design trend that has taken the world by storm. Personally, I’m all for both of them. I love the way simple geometric shapes create subtle pattens and guidelines for the eyes to follow, and I’m really glad that we’re getting away from the skeumorphic look that dominated the web/app world(s) for so long.


As you can see, hexagons are quite popular nowadays, but this trend (like any other) will likely fade out just as quickly as it came about. In any case, there are many creative ways to use hexagons, or any geometric shape for that matter, in your design projects and it’s a great way to add a very modern look to your work. Just like any other trend, though, you should explore this carefully and put your own spin on it. Don’t just add a hexagon to your next project for the sake of adding one. Make sure it serves a purpose and fits the overall tone of project.

What are your thoughts on the geometric trend(s) that are sweeping the world of design? Do you like it? Why or why not. Sound off in the comments below or hit me up via the usual social channels. Thanks for reading!