Finding Clients Using Social Media

I’m doing a series of Q&A videos wherein you ask me a question and I (hopefully) answer it. In this installment of the series I tackle a question from Andrew about finding clients using social media. This is a tricky art, but it can be done as long as your honest with people and you leverage your knowledge to position yourself as a thought leader within a given community.

The key ingredient here is finding the right community. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll find it on one particular site. You may have to use more than one site (facebook, twitter, etc.) in order to find the right market for what you’re trying to do. Once you’ve nailed down where the people are that you need to target, you should begin to interact with them.

Interacting with people on social sites is exactly like passing them on the street. You should introduce yourself, ask them how they’re doing, and get to know them and their business. Don’t move in for the hard sell right away. That simply won’t work. Instead, listen to the person and learn their business. Feel them out and see where the pain points are and what you might be able to help them with. As you continue to share knowledge with them about what you do and position yourself as a thought leader in the community, they will recognize your expertise and hopefully keep you in mind when/if they’re looking for someone who does your kind of work.

In the end, there is no sure-fire way to convert a follower into a customer. However, you can increase those chances exponentially by interacting with people, sharing knowledge, answering questions, and above all else, being nice to people. That is a formula for success no matter what the business and no matter where you’re trying to do it.

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Finding Clients Using Social Media”

  1. Thanks for helping and giving tips on how to get more clients using social media. This is very interesting and helpful specially to business owners and small, start up companies.

  2. Vorentix says:

    Try this site, it may help you. Goodluck!

  3. Thanks Justin, good comments on social media – reminds me of a quote from one of my profs “Proximity determines collaboration” even with online communities.

  4. Curtis says:

    Thanks Justin! I just found you via the Lynda website. Your radiant and uplifting energy totally made my day. You are an excellent teacher with a good heart… an A+ is my book. Thanks so much for super-helpful and beautifully delivered tutorials.

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