Hands On with Twitter Photo Filters

Earlier this week Twitter announced that they would be adding photo filters to their mobile applications and go head to head with Instagram (after they announced they were dropping support for the Twitter platform). Well, today the update went live and you now have access to Twitter’s filters on your mobile device.

Above is a video showing you how to use the new filters on your photos. My first impressions are that this will be a huge win for Twitter, but it’s not a homerun right out of the gate. Instagram has an enormous user base and more activity than Twitter these days. While Twitter’s offerings are good, they simply can’t compete with the experience and community of Instagram… yet.

As they continue to add to these filters and integrate it into their already social platform, Twitter will probably come out on top. After all, Facebook owns Instagram now and if history is any indicator, I’m sure we can all see where that is headed.

For now, Instagram is still the best choice when it comes to sharing hipster-esque photos with the world, but if Twitter continues to innovate and goes all-in on mobile photography, Instagram better watch out!

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