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My Thoughts on Apple’s “Hey Siri” Event

Apple just wrapped its latest product announcements, so I thought I’d hop on my blog and write up a few of my first impressions. There’s a lot to talk about, as you might’ve guessed, so this blog post might be a little heavy in the word count department. Overall I’m pretty excited about what was announced

My Thoughts on the iPad Air

Apple recently released the iPad Air and since then tech journalists and Apple fanboys have been fawning all over it. While I was interested in the new form factor of the iPad, I really wasn’t sure whether or not this was a home run for the folks from Cupertino, and after 24 hours, I’m still

My Thoughts on the “New iPad”

Today Apple announced the much-anticipated “New iPad” (yes that is the actual name apparently). My thoughts are simple… Apple is doing with the iPad, the exact same thing they’ve done with the iPhone. Traditionally with the iPhone Apple has done a revolutionary release every two years while the release in between has been evolutionary at