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There Are No Magic Bullets

In each one of the online courses I produce I encourage those who watch it to reach out to me via email or social media. I love hearing from the people who consume my content. It gives me an idea of how I’m doing, and what I could be doing better. Over the past year

10 Ways to Break Through Creative Blocks

If you read my last post ‘The Curse of the Creative Mind‘ you know that there are times when it seems almost impossible to break through a creative slump. I’ve had days where I couldn’t make heads or tails of the project I was working on, and you’ll have those days too. Even though we can’t stop

The Curse of the Creative Mind

I often hear from other people that they’d love to be creative, or that they admire my creativity. What most people don’t understand is that there is a substantial amount of baggage that comes with creativity that most people don’t ever see. You’ve probably heard stories about famous creative people who lived a very tortured

Now is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

What are you passionate about? Building websites? Designing clothes? Playing golf? No matter what your answer is, you are fortunate enough to live in a world where you can take that passion and turn it into a career. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs out there right now that are

The Narrative of the Student Intrigues Me

I’m often asked why it is that I do what I do for a living. I actually don’t think we choose what we do, but more that it chooses us. However, we make the choice of whether or not to pursue that which beckons to us, and I have but one reason for doing that.

Success is a Side Effect of Never Giving Up

There will come a time in your life/career where you find yourself questioning every decision you’ve ever made and wanting to quit. Don’t. If I had quit every time life dealt me a shitty hand, I’d never be where I am today. I have mastered the art of getting knocked down and getting back up

5 Industries that Could Benefit from a Silicon Valley Makeover

The fine folks of Silicon Valley have changed the way we live our lives in many ways. However, for all the good they’ve done, there are still quite a few industries that they’ve yet to take on. I’m not sure if it’s because they feel that they can’t change the status quo, or if they

5 People You Should Follow On Twitter

The value of a service like Twitter is determined by the quality of people and sources that you follow there, I think. In this article I’ll give you 5 people you should follow on Twitter (but probably aren’t) and I’ll discuss reasons for why they’ve added value to my stream. As many of you know,

10 Creative Examples of Hexagon Designs

Hexagons are the new black. Not only are designers using them for badges and icons, but they’re also being incorporated into branding and other collateral in different and creative ways as well. In this post I’ll show you 10 creative examples of hexagon designs… Enjoy! Flatness Meets Geometry While this post is specifically about hexagon

How to Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking

As someone who regularly speaks at conferences and events around the country, I’m always being asked by people how it is that I seem so comfortable even in front of thousands of people. Honestly, I have no answer for that, other than that I just am. I’ve always been an extrovert and eager to get