The Future of Brainiak.FM

The Future of Brainiak.FM

As many of you know, I began podcasting A LOT in 2015. In fact, I even started up my own little podcast network called Brainiak FM. Originally the plan for Brainiak FM was to create a space for me and my friends to talk about the work and play topics that we’re passionate about. I had big plans for the network, but I quickly realized that a podcast network cannot be run by one man alone, especially when that man already has a full-time job that keeps him busy 99% of the week.

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After realizing that I couldn’t keep pace with all of the Brainiak shows, I had to make the very difficult decision to discontinue some of the shows so that I could focus my attention on the ones that matter most to me. The shows that will not continue include The Justin Seeley Variety Hour, Self Hosted, The Graph, All Things Apple, and Interviewed. As for the other shows, Pixel Pundits and Geek Fit, they will continue on alongside a new show that will debut in December (more on that later).

I’m still searching for a co-host for Geek Fit, and I’m committed to publishing new episodes of this show on a bi-weekly basis starting in January. The show will take on a new format, but the emotion and candor that made the show resonate with so many will forever be a part of the shows DNA. If you are interested in co-hosting Geek Fit or know someone who is, please reach out to me via email.

Podcasting is a very important thing for me. It allows me to get my thoughts out quicker and in more detail than a big post ever could, and I’m very passionate about creating content in this space. I’m also going to be co-hosting a new podcast for The App Factor with Ally Kazmucha and Brian Sutich. You can listen to our first episode here or subscribe via iTunes.

I create content because I love it, but what really makes it worthwhile is when other people enjoy the content I’ve created, so if you’ve ever listened to any of my podcasts… Thank you.

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