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Adobe Announces Illustrator CC – Here are My Favorite New Features


I’m currently in Los Angeles attending Adobe MAX, and Adobe has officially announced the “CC” line of apps. You can read all about that here. During the announcement today they showed off Adobe Illustrator CC (one of my favorite Adobe apps) and showed off some of the new features. I’ve already recorded a course on this over at, which you can check out here, but I these are my absolute favorites…

1. Multiple File Placing

Much like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator CC now lets you place multiple files at once into an Illustrator document. The operation is the same (File > Place) but now you’ll be able to load your cursor up and place  up to 314 images at a time. Why 314? Well, because the engineer who built the feature was born on March, 14th :)

2. CSS & SVG Features

As a guy who primarily focuses on web design in both my personal work and my professional teaching, this one is HUGE. You now have the ability to generate CSS code from your Illustrator objects including gradient fills, drop shadows, etc. In addition to CSS, you also have the ability to export out as SVG. While this isn’t something new per say, Adobe has enhanced the SVG workflow greatly.

3. Enhanced Guides

Guides in Illustrator used to be somewhat tedious to use. You would click and drag from side-to-side and slowly define your boundaries. Now, with a simple double click you can add guides to your artboards at any point on your ruler. I love it!

4. Automatic Corner Generation

If you create pattern brushes, you’re going to love this new feature. Adobe has built a new auto feature that generates corner tiles for pattern brushes based on certain criteria that you choose. This makes creating pattern brushes so much faster & easier.

5. Touch Type & Free Transform

While I feel like the touch workflow is still in its infancy, this is definitely a cool feature, and as more and more companies develop touch displays/tools it’ll continue to evolve into something even more awesome. Basically you now have the ability to do “Minority Report-style” manipulation on text & objects in Illustrator. Tool cool!

I’m Speaking at PEPCon 2013 in Austin, TX!


Conference season is upon us once again, and I’m speaking at some really awesome events this year. First up on the calendar is PePcon, The Print+ePublishing Conference, in Austin, TX. This is the conference to go to for anyone looking to get up-to-speed on the world of electronic publishing or anyone who uses Adobe InDesign, period. Here’s the full conference description from the PePcon website:

Join the world’s top InDesign experts and the Adobe InDesign team, April 28–May 1, 2013, in Austin, Texas, for the InDesign event of the year! Find answers and valuable insight on publishing for eBooks, print, iPad/tablets, interactive documents, and more! Be inspired by fresh ideas and new products. Includes four pre-conference tutorials, a 2-day multi-track conference, and six amazing post-conference tutorials. Register today for PEPCON: The Print + ePublishing Conference!

My session is called “Illustrator and Photoshop: Awesome Effects Using Our Two Favorite InDesign “Add-ons”” and it focuses on teaching you how to use both Photoshop and Illustrator to create eye-catching graphics for your digital publications. It’s going to be a fun session, full of design-related awesomeness!

I’m truly honored to be a part of this event. Seriously, look at the speaker roster… It’s AMAZING! If you haven’t signed up for this event yet, you definitely should! As an added incentive, you can save $50 off your registration by using the code LYNDA at checkout. I hope to see you there!

I’m Speaking at D2WC 2012


Conference season is once again upon us, and this year I’ve got a few different places on my schedule. However, no place is as special as the Designer Developer Workflow Conference (D2WC) in Kansas City, Mo. D2W is my favorite conference because it brings together all of my favorite people and favorite topics. For those who don’t know, this conference is all about workflow. That means you’re going to get a ton of info on how to work more efficiently in your daily designer or developer routine.

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Photoshop CS6 Beta: What You Need To Know


Today Adobe announced the public beta for Photoshop CS6. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can check it out on Adobe’s website. Photoshop CS6 introduces several new features and UI changes which will take some getting used to, so I decided to write this article detailing those which I believe are the most important. I’ll also give my thoughts on Photoshop CS6 as a whole, at the end. If you want more info on the new features of Photoshop CS6 and how to use them, check out Deke McClelland’s FREE Beta Preview Course at

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My Thoughts on Facebook’s Timeline for Brands


As you know I am a hopeless social media addict… It’s because of social media that I’ve been able to have the success that I’ve had the past few years. True, my audience is not huge, but they’re loyal and very engaging… Especially those on Facebook and Twitter. In late 2011 I gave a presentation on CreativeLIVE called “Designing for the Social Web” which discussed ways to cultivate your brand through social media, and how to design your various profile pages. The good news is that about 90% of it is still completely relevant. However, as many of you know, Facebook made a HUGE change recently to their “fan pages” and it has a lot of folks running for the hills. In this article I will attempt to dispel the notion that the new Facebook Timeline is a bad thing and show you why (and how) you should embrace it.

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My Thoughts on the “New iPad”


Today Apple announced the much-anticipated “New iPad” (yes that is the actual name apparently). My thoughts are simple… Apple is doing with the iPad, the exact same thing they’ve done with the iPhone. Traditionally with the iPhone Apple has done a revolutionary release every two years while the release in between has been evolutionary at best. When the first iPhone came out it was absolutely amazing, and so was the first iPad. With the second generation iPhone we got the iPhone 3G, which again, was awesome. The second release of the iPad brought us the iPad 2 which was another leap forward for the tablet device. However, after the first two revolutionary releases of the iPhone, we were treated to the iPhone 3G S before we got the iPhone 4, and now we are getting the “New iPad” before we’ll get the actual iPad 4 (I believe).

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Why I Choose to Teach


I’m not an educator by trade, I’m a designer. That’s actually my first love and passion, and I’m not half bad at it either. However, I’ve made a conscious decision to make education my career and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. I take great pride in what I do and I feel it’s an area that we’re seriously lacking in throughout this country. So, in an effort to do my part, I teach.

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I’m Officially Joining


I’ve been teasing for weeks now that I have a big announcement coming… Well, today is the day folks! Beginning February 6th, I will be officially joining the team as a Staff Author. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’ve been doing this training thing for quite some time. I’ve taken a few jobs and even tried to strike out on my own once or twice, but in the end I always felt as if something was missing. Now, with this new job at, I’m able to fulfill my dream of doing what I love for a company I love and respect. The best part is that I only have to focus on one thing… Creating content! After all, that’s what I do best.

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Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been, Etc.


As many of you know, this year has been a year of change for me… I’ve lost over 200lbs, I got married to the most awesome woman on the planet, and I took a new job in Oklahoma City. Well, the winds of change continue to blow in my life as I find myself once again moving on and back home to KY. I made the decision to leave iThemes at the beginning of November. Yes, my time there was short, but it was an amazing experience and I made (hopefully) some life-long friends. Opportunities have arisen for me in the recent months that I simply could not pass up and consequently made me choose between them and my position at iThemes. There were many other factors that contributed to my decision, though I won’t go into them here, and so I opted to do what was best (long term) for me and my family.

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