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Adobe Announces MAX Masters for 2017

Last month Adobe held its annual MAX conference in San Diego. Each year at MAX attendees are asked to evaluate their speakers after attending their session(s) or lab(s). Once the votes are tallied, Adobe names its MAX Masters for that year. The criteria changes yearly, but the general idea is that these are the best speakers (based on student evaluation) from this year’s event. I’ve been a MAX Master for the past 3 years, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve once again been named to the list!

This year’s list is full of amazing instructors, many of which I had the honor of sitting in on their sessions this year. I can honestly say that I’m honored and humbled by my inclusion amongst such an amazing group of people. Here are this year’s MAX Master award recipients:

  • A.J. Wood
  • Bart Van de Wiele – top overall speaker!
  • Cisco Guzman
  • Colin Smith
  • Dan Stiles
  • Dave Cross
  • Dave Helmly
  • Dave Werner
  • David Lesue 
  • Debbie Millman
  • Debi Sementelli
  • Jason Levine
  • Jeff Greenberg
  • Jonathan Pimento
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Justin Seeley
  • Karl Soule
  • Katrin Eismann
  • Laura Worthington
  • Michael Murphy
  • Michael Ninness
  • Robbie Carman
  • Roman Villarreal
  • Stephen Gates
  • Timothy Goodman

You’ll probably recognize several names from this list, but in case you don’t, I highly recommend looking these people up and following their work. Each one is unique in their approach to their craft, and they are all amazing instructors that I’ve personally learned from myself in many cases. As noted above, a special congrats is in order for my friend Bart Van de Wiele, who was named best overall instructor at this year’s conference. Bart is a great guy and talented instructor, so this honor is well-deserved.

Thank you to everyone who attended my hands-on lab(s) this year at MAX. This is a people’s choice award of sorts, so I’m fully aware of the debt of gratitude I owe each one of you who helped me achieve this honor. I hope to see you all in Las Vegas for next year’s MAX. I’ll be back, and hopefully better than ever!

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