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I’m Officially Joining lynda.com

I’ve been teasing for weeks now that I have a big announcement coming… Well, today is the day folks! Beginning February 6th, I will be officially joining the lynda.com team as a Staff Author. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’ve been doing this training thing for quite some time. I’ve taken a few jobs and even tried to strike out on my own once or twice, but in the end I always felt as if something was missing. Now, with this new job at lynda.com, I’m able to fulfill my dream of doing what I love for a company I love and respect. The best part is that I only have to focus on one thing… Creating content! After all, that’s what I do best.

Though the details of what I’m working on for lynda.com will be kept under lock and key until they’ve been released in the Online Training Library ®, I can assure you that my roadmap for 2012 is pretty awesome! This year you are going to see me expand my teachings beyond the normal things that I teach and hopefully you and I will both learn something along the way. I’m sure many of you will have questions about my online presence going forward, and I plan to address those in the near future. For now, just know that my focus will be squarely on my job at lynda.com and creating new and exciting courses for you to watch.

I give my thanks to everyone at lynda.com for making my experience there thus far so awesome, and to my lovely wife, thank you so much for being understanding and ready to pack up our lives at a moment’s notice, and for allowing me to pursuit my dreams… Seriously, you’re the best and I love you! Also thanks to any-and-everyone who has ever watched one of my videos. It’s because of you that I do what I do for a living and now get paid to do it! Please keep the questions and tutorial requests coming in, they all add fuel to my creative fire.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me and my family, and I am humbled to be a part of such an awesome and creative team that includes names like James Williamson, Ray Villalobos, Doug Winnie, and Mordy Golding! Again, thanks for all the support, and please stay tuned for more news and updates in the coming weeks!


  1. Well, that IS very big news, and it sounds like a perfect match! It will be very interesting to watch your experience progress now that you’re with Lynda.com.

    Gratz, Justin!

  2. Justin! I am so happy for you and your family!!! Best of luck to you on this new journey and it sure sounds like you have found your “new home”. Lynda.com is a fabo outlet for training and you will e a great addition to their family. Waiting to hear more and to continue to follow you.

    1. Hey Janet, thanks for continuing to follow my work and for the words of encouragement… I think I have found the place I can call home. This job will allow me to express my creativity and expand my teachings beyond just one or two subjects. I love the crew at Lynda.com and everything about the environment and community in CA. It’s going to be an awesome year!

  3. Way to go, Justin! It sounds like a great fit for you, and I know it will be great for Lynda.

    Are you still going to be able to come to D2W in KC?


    Jim Hinds

  4. Hey Justin-
    First caught you on webdesign.com.. liked your style, and coming from an education stand point, really value the training that you do. It is tough that kids in public schools are still mastering power point in middle school/high school. I feel that the courses that are on Lynda.com are an invaluable resource for any kid/adult looking into anything that catches their fancy. Learning is living, and teaching just reinforces learning, I am happy for your success. I just finished your multi site course, and have found it to be one of the better pieces on multi site that I have come across. I have spent countless hours piecing together my education for my current job, and I laugh that I spent a bunch of money getting my masters from a prestigious college, only to burn out on our current model of public education. The only way I will go back to the classroom, is if it is in an online environment.. thanks for the knowledge and inspiration.

    Having spent the last year as an avid Ithemes customer, I am starting to branch out and seek different modes of designing sites. I starting working in Headway 3.05, and I am blown away with their responsive grid stuff. I might be making the switch soon. Sorry about the ramble..


  5. Very excited for you! I am a long time member of Lynda.com and can’t wait to see what you will be doing there!
    Tammie O’Neal

  6. Justine,

    Congrats on the new gig! Actually I’ve been following your blog since seeing you on Lynda.com. I learned a lot about wordpress from your classes and look forward to learning more!!

    1. Thanks A.J. I truly appreciate that my friend! Seems like it’s taken me a while to really find my place, but now I’m very happy with where I’ve landed! Best to you and yours!

  7. Hey Justin, Congratulations on the great news and the success you’ve had with your health. You were always a great trainer and fun to be around and now you’ve reached some new heights. I remember you telling me about Lynda.com a long time ago. Hope things continue to go your way.

    Take care,

    1. Hey Victor, thanks for the kind words and for reaching out! I have indeed come a long way since my time in Louisiana… Everything has worked out for the best and I’m happier than ever. Hope all is well with you as well.

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