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Good and Done Trumps Perfect and Unfinished

I get emails on a weekly basis from people asking my advice on things like websites, logos, etc. The common theme with these emails seems to be that many of you are stressing about things that, in the grand scheme of things, matter very little in terms of the overall effect they’ll have on your business. My advice is simple… Good and done trumps perfect and unfinished. Just ship it!

Granted, branding and design are important, but they’re not so important that you can’t launch your v1. Look at how Facebook evolved over time. When they first started, the website was very basic and was actually called “thefacebook.com” instead of its iconic name that it now has.

You’ll have plenty of time to evolve and rebrand your product or service. Today it’s all about being timely with whatever it is you’re creating or offering. If you spend 18 months researching domain names or deciding on a color scheme, the market you’re trying to enter could pass you by. I have fallen victim to this many times myself, actually.

I used to agonize over the design and layout if my site(s). In fact, I still do to some degree. But overall I’ve learned that it’s better to launch with some mistakes than to never launch at all. Take my website, for example. I debated for several months about what it should look like and how it should function. All the while my traffic was suffering and my audience shrinking because I wasn’t putting out content. Realizing this, I quickly made a mockup, turned it into a functioning WordPress theme and launched it within a span of just a few days.

Does this site have problems? Yes, it does, and I’m well aware of them. However, even with its flaws, this site is leaps and bounds better than a coming soon page or no page at all. The point here is that in today’s web, it’s not so much how it looks, but how it works. If you’re providing a functioning environment for your users that serves its purpose… Ship it!

By pushing the publish button you’re also opening up your own focus group and offering a beta test. Trust me, if there’s something wrong, they’ll find. If something doesn’t work, they’ll complain about it. That’s the nature of the web. That is also the fastest and easiest way to pinpoint and fix issues with what you’ve created.

So, pick some colors, forget about the logo, and just go for it. Agonizing over details is just another way we pass the buck because ultimately we’re afraid of failure. Go ahead, fail. You’ll be that much stronger for it in the end.


    1. Thank you , Bobbie. I try to be encouraging and share as much of my knowledge as possible. Just want to help others succeed 🙂

  1. Done is Better than Perfect. I had this printed on a t-shirt for one of my former students who was paralyzed by perfection. Get it done, and then worry about Phase 2 to iterate towards perfection.

  2. Yes, I have been there so many times. And one day I crocheted a mantra bracelet called “better nice and finished than perfect and unfinished”. I just thought I would share it with you:


    How many times do you find yourself with plenty of ideas in your head and half finished projects around the studio, house, office, garden, poetry book, studying notebooks, readings and LIFE in general but never manage to finish them?

    Me too.

    I crocheted this bracelet with this mantra in mind, and I hope it can transmit these vibes to the person wearing it.

    Happy circle closing . . .

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