Don’t Let the Success of Others Make You Feel Like a Failure

Before I start this article let me be 100% real with you. I’m guilty of everything I’m about to criticize you for doing, so don’t feel like I’m speaking from a soapbox. I’ve just come to the realization lately that I’m letting bullshit drive the direction of my life and definition of my success, and it’s time to put an end to it. The best way for me to spur myself into action is to talk about it, so… Here. We. Go.

Many of us look at others through a green, envious lens. We want what we don’t have. We think we deserve the success others are achieving. We convince ourselves that the success of others automatically makes whatever we’re doing a failure because we aren’t living up to some fictitious standard we’ve set for ourselves based on factors we can’t control. What you can control is how hard you work, what you think of yourself, and what actionable steps you’re going to take in order to achieve whatever it is you desire.

In most cases, the people you’re judging yourself against have many of the same challenges that you do. The difference is that you’re not aware of them because the image you see is one that is heavily curated best version of their persona. Not many people who are at the “top of their game” choose to showcase flaws. They want you to see how brilliant and creative they are. They want you to think that everything they touch turns to gold and that they know the secret to unlocking unprecedented success. When, in truth, they’ve failed way more than they’ve succeeded and they too suffer from the same human nature afflictions that we all do.

Verified badges, follower counts, and download numbers are vanity stats. Ultimately they don’t mean a damn thing. Stop judging yourself against this nonsense. Imitating these people won’t get you anywhere. You come off as fake, insincere, and genuinely stupid. Instead, focus on your truth, your narrative, and your success. Showcase your hustle. Discuss your struggles. Share your opinions. You don’t become a thought leader by faking it. You become a thought leader by showing people in your industry that you’re an inspirational, intelligent individual with your own unique opinions that bring value to your audience.

I’m not saying you can’t have ambitions or that you shouldn’t aspire to a certain level of professional success. You absolutely should. But do it on your own terms. Faking it won’t ever allow you to make it. It just holds you back and prevents you from achieving your true potential. Go out, kick the world in the teeth, and show them what you’re really about. Only then will you rise above the imposter syndrome and come into your own as a professional.

Thanks for reading ❤

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