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Adobe Announces Illustrator CC – Here are My Favorite New Features

I’m currently in Los Angeles attending Adobe MAX, and Adobe has officially announced the “CC” line of apps. You can read all about that here. During the announcement today they showed off Adobe Illustrator CC (one of my favorite Adobe apps) and showed off some of the new features. I’ve already recorded a course on this over at lynda.com, which you can check out here, but I these are my absolute favorites…

1. Multiple File Placing

Much like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator CC now lets you place multiple files at once into an Illustrator document. The operation is the same (File > Place) but now you’ll be able to load your cursor up and place  up to 314 images at a time. Why 314? Well, because the engineer who built the feature was born on March, 14th 🙂

2. CSS & SVG Features

As a guy who primarily focuses on web design in both my personal work and my professional teaching, this one is HUGE. You now have the ability to generate CSS code from your Illustrator objects including gradient fills, drop shadows, etc. In addition to CSS, you also have the ability to export out as SVG. While this isn’t something new per say, Adobe has enhanced the SVG workflow greatly.

3. Enhanced Guides

Guides in Illustrator used to be somewhat tedious to use. You would click and drag from side-to-side and slowly define your boundaries. Now, with a simple double click you can add guides to your artboards at any point on your ruler. I love it!

4. Automatic Corner Generation

If you create pattern brushes, you’re going to love this new feature. Adobe has built a new auto feature that generates corner tiles for pattern brushes based on certain criteria that you choose. This makes creating pattern brushes so much faster & easier.

5. Touch Type & Free Transform

While I feel like the touch workflow is still in its infancy, this is definitely a cool feature, and as more and more companies develop touch displays/tools it’ll continue to evolve into something even more awesome. Basically you now have the ability to do “Minority Report-style” manipulation on text & objects in Illustrator. Tool cool!

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  1. Have they fixed the broken features in CS6? Especially the inability to drag-n-drop global colors from the color panal to the selected slider of a gradient? See this video explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LxOkkrMZzFc

    Lost functionality like this, makes using the latest version of Illustrator less productive than CS5.

    I’m all for new features as long as Adobe recognizes the importance of maintaining existing functionality.

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