5 People You Should Follow On Twitter

The value of a service like Twitter is determined by the quality of people and sources that you follow there, I think. In this article I’ll give you 5 people you should follow on Twitter (but probably aren’t) and I’ll discuss reasons for why they’ve added value to my stream. As many of you know, I’m picky about who I follow on Twitter, and I often curate my list on a regular basis whilst only keeping the best and most inspiring sources on the list. These folks are never in any danger of being taken off the list, because they’re just that good.


Chris Lema

I first came across Chris Lema’s work after hearing him speak at a WordCamp event last year. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. Chris does a lot of work in the WordPress community, but his blog posts and content are not limited to that subject at all. Chris blogs about business, entrepreneurship, life, and WordPress on a daily basis. Yep, this dude writes a new blog post every single day, which makes him an worthwhile person to follow on Twitter because he’s always cranking out new and interesting content.

Follow Chris on Twitter


Adii Pienaar

Adii is the founder of WooThemes, a popular WordPress theme shop, and also what I would call a life coach for entrepreneurs. He is currently running his new startup called Public Beta, a membership site dedicated to training and helping aspiring entrepreneurs, and his blog posts and videos there are really great. What astounds me about this guy, though, is how he does his email newsletters. At the bottom of each one he says something like “If you have any questions, reply to this email…” Never being one to shy away from asking questions, I responded. To my surprise, he emailed me back… Personally. I’m not sure how scalable a strategy like this is for someone with his customer base and following, but the fact that he takes the time to respond to any/everyone who emails him says a lot about him as a person, I think.

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Jeremy Cowart

I met Jeremy two years ago while I was in Seattle doing a class for CreativeLIVE. He was in town doing a seminar of his own and joined us for our wrap party that evening. I’d known about him for a while and followed his work. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s an amazing photographer based out of Nashville, TN. Not only is is work inspiring, but he is inspiring as a person. Even though he hobnobs with celebrities on a regular basis, this guy is very down to Earth and very approachable. He’s also working on a very interesting mobile app for photographers called OKDOTHIS, which hits the streets later this month. I follow Jeremy because he gives great insight into the work that goes into his shoots and he’s able to do it with class and humility, a trait many high-profile photographers lack.

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Darya Rose

Darya is one of my new favorite follows on Twitter. She’s the creator of Summer Tomato, a popular health & fitness blog, and she’s also the author of an awesome book called Foodist, which aims to help you change your eating habits to live a healthier life. I follow her because I struggle on a daily basis to keep my lifestyle clean and healthy, and her tips, recipes, and motivational tweets help me out a great deal. She’s brilliant and full of knowledge, and if you have a question, she’ll tweet you back most of the time. If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle and become a healthier you, she’s definitely worth a follow.

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Cory Miller

Cory is the CEO of iThemes and also one heck of a nice guy. Granted, I’m a little biased seeing as he used to be my boss, but I digress. In addition to providing personal support for most of the products he sells, Cory also shares his experience as an entrepreneur through blog posts and his Entrepreneurship Lab website. What I enjoy about Cory’s posts is that he’s so open and honest about his successes and failures. He doesn’t b.s. you when it comes to the hardships of being an entrepreneur and that should be helpful to young and aspiring business owners, I think. Cory is another guy that will take the time to correspond with you either via direct message or email, so that makes him an no-brainer follow in my book.

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As you can see, most of my criteria for who to follow revolves around inspiration, conversation, and admiration. All of these people inspire me in one way or another and I also admire them for their willingness to share their expertise with others and engage in real conversations. They provide value to their user audience, and that’s something we should all strive to do in our daily lives, bring value to everyone we come in contact with. Who are your must-follows on Twitter? Let me know in the comments or send me an @ reply on Twitter… Thanks for reading!