How to Use Photoshop Text in Illustrator

I recently received an email from a viewer who was having trouble taking text in Photoshop and using it in Illustrator, while still maintaining its vector attributes. The process for doing this isn’t exactly intuitive, given that most of the interactions between Photoshop and Illustrator can be accomplished via copy/paste. However, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to convert Photoshop text to a path and export it out in Illustrator format.

Step One – Convert Text to Paths

  • Select your text layer in Photoshop
  • Right Click the layer and choose Create Work Path
  • Select the Paths Panel
  • Rename your path by double clicking the path name

Step Two – Export to Illustrator

  • Choose File>Export>Paths to Illustrator
  • Select the path you want to export
  • Name and save the .ai file to your computer

Step Three – Open in Illustrator

  • Go to File>Open and locate your .ai file from above
  • Edit text as you would any other path in Illustrator


As you can see, this isn’t a complicated technique by any means, but it’ll hopefully save you some time. Thanks for watching!