How to Enable VoLTE on Your Verizon iPhone 6

How to Enable VoLTE on Your Verizon iPhone 6

I’ve been debating on whether or not to switch to Verizon for a few years now. The one thing holding me back was their inability to use voice and data at the same time (talking on the phone while checking email). However, with the launch of the iPhone 6 and Verizon’s new VoLTE network enhancements, that day has finally come. In this article I’ll show you how to enable VoLTE on your Verizon iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The Steps…

  1. Go to Your Settings
  2. Tap on Cellular
  3. Tap on Enable LTE
  4. Select Voice & Data


Once you’ve selected “Voice & Data” you may see a spinning wheel that indicates your phone is attempting to perform some sort of operation via the network, and the check mark might not appear immediately. This is normal. If you back out of the settings and give it a minute or two your settings should be in place.

I should also note that some people have reported that in areas where VoLTE isn’t the best, they tend to drop calls more than usual when this feature is enabled. In my hometown, we have pretty decent coverage, and I’ve yet to drop a call.


Hopefully there are more handset manufacturers that add this functionality into their devices soon and I also hope Verizon continues to expand its VoLTE coverage so that everybody gets a chance to experience this. Believe me, you never realize how much you miss a feature like this until you don’t have it anymore, and until I figured out how to turn this on I was very lost! What are your thoughts on Verizon’s VoLTE service? Have you tried it yet? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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