Create a Vector Shutter Icon in Illustrator

In this video tutorial you will learn how to draw a vector shutter icon using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and some very basic shapes & tools.

Posted by Justin Seeley

  1. Hi Justin, When I get to 4:06, I end up with a black circle when I fill with black. I followed you to the sec. What to do?


    1. Maybe my settings are off?


      1. I didn’t know that I was supposed to delete the whole thing at 3:59. Maybe a little more direction there since there was a silence I spent 1hr following for sec by sec. oh well, at least now I can draw a shutter in my sleep. Great tut though!


  2. Hello Justin,

    I’m Jérôme Bareille, the french Illustrator trainer for video2brain (
    I’m recording some french version of your courses. They are really good !
    I share with you an other method to create a vector shutte. You can see my tutorial just below. I hope you enjoy it 😉


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