Mantra 2012: Evaluate, Plan, Attack.

As we move into a new year, I’m pausing to reflect on the last 365 days of my life and realizing that they’ve been pretty good. Not only did this year see me reach new heights professionally, but I’ve also conquered many personal demons and found my life partner along the way. This time of

Turn Off the Noise… Unplug Yourself

Living the “online lifestyle” can be a rigorous and intense job (whether you know it or not). As a matter of fact, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to burn yourself out on this glamorous thing we call the internet… Take me for example. Back in 2006/2007 I had one of the hottest

Consistency Promotes Awareness

During my recent CreativeLIVE workshop I introduced a theory on creating brand awareness. This wasn’t necessarily aimed at “big business” because they’ve been nailing down this concept for years. I was mainly talking to individuals or very small businesses that have any type of online presence. My theory, of course, is that consistency (in whatever

Worry About Relationships, Not Numbers!

Lately I’ve noticed a very stupid trend in the social media landscape. People, more so than ever, seem to be obsessed with the number of fans or followers that they have on their various social networks. In my opinion this is a huge mistake. Today’s internet is not about how big your following is, but


Double Strokes in Adobe Illustrator

One of the most common questions I get about typography or anything design related really, is how to add a double stroke to an object in Photoshop or Illustrator. Well, Photoshop is a different story, but in Illustrator it’s super easy and in this tutorial I walk you step-by-step through using the appearance panel to

Being Human: A Web Geek’s Guide to Business

To say that we live in a “web world” these days would be an understatement. However I don’t believe that the web world has to differ all that much from the real world if we choose to make it so. Recently during my workshop for CreativeLIVE I made the comment that it was time for


Fake HDR in Adobe Lightroom

Since I’ve been exploring the world of HDR there have been a few people asking how to get an HDR-like effect on their images without having to use a DSLR to bracket exposures or buying a program like Photomatix Pro… Well, in this tutorial I show you how to create fake HDR using Adobe Lightroom


Selective Sharpening in Photoshop

In this video I show you how to utilize a technique that I call “Selective Sharpening” using unsharp mask and a little layer masking magic inside of Adobe Photoshop.

Strive for Happiness, Not Success.

In the past year I’ve seen my fair share of changes. I took a chance on a new job, got married and even attempted to start my own business. The one part of this that has panned out as planned was the marriage. It’s because of this that I have started to think more and

Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been, Etc.

As many of you know, this year has been a year of change for me… I’ve lost over 200lbs, I got married to the most awesome woman on the planet, and I took a new job in Oklahoma City. Well, the winds of change continue to blow in my life as I find myself once

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