Why I Choose to Teach

I’m not an educator by trade, I’m a designer. That’s actually my first love and passion, and I’m not half bad at it either. However, I’ve made a conscious decision to make education my career and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. I take great pride in

If You’re Using Photoshop for Everything… You’re Doing It Wrong.

Some of you are probably reading the title of this article and instantly laughing it off as blasphemy. For those of you curious enough to stick around and actually read it… Hear me out. I’ve been teaching Adobe applications now for about 6-7 years. In that time I’ve come across many people in my classes

The Game is Changing. You Should Be Too.

I’ve tried to write this article several different ways. In fact, this is probably the tenth revision so far. This time, however, I’m simply going to shoot from the hip and say what I feel. As many of you know the world of graphic design is something that is constantly evolving. Though some principles remain

Believing You Can’t, Means You Won’t…

Throughout this past year I’ve overcome some serious obstacles in my life, both personally and professionally. I’ve conquered more demons in the last 12 months than most people tackle in an entire lifetime. My journey this past year has brought me to a realization about what makes me different from other people. I’m not the

I’m Officially Joining lynda.com

I’ve been teasing for weeks now that I have a big announcement coming… Well, today is the day folks! Beginning February 6th, I will be officially joining the lynda.com team as a Staff Author. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’ve been doing this training thing for quite some


Creating and Using Actions in Illustrator

Illustrator is one of the unsung heroes of the Creative Suite with many features people just don’t know about… In this video we explore one of those unknown features as I show you how to record and use Actions to speed up your Illustrator workflow.

Why It’s Ok to Fall Flat on Your Face…

Failure. Though it starts with the letter F, it should not be considered a bad word. Failing is a natural part of life that we should all go through. If we never failed, the joy of success wouldn’t taste as sweet, and we’d have no way to learn what we were doing wrong or how


Saving Graphic Styles in Illustrator

In this video we build upon yesterday’s tutorial by showing you how to save your newly created graphic styles as a graphic style library in Adobe Illustrator. This is a great way to make your styles available in all of your future projects.


Scribble Effects in Adobe Illustrator

In this video I walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a cool scribble effect in Adobe Illustrator… But it doesn’t stop there! After we create the effect I’ll show you how to turn it into a graphic style that you can save and use in any project you want.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

This blog post was inspired by some great advice that was given to me by Craig Swanson, founder of CreativeLIVE, during my recent trip to Seattle. As Craig and I sat down one day, we began to talk about my life and career and how I could improve it going forward. One of the things

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