My Thoughts on the “New iPad”

My Thoughts on the “New iPad”

Today Apple announced the much-anticipated “New iPad” (yes that is the actual name apparently). My thoughts are simple… Apple is doing with the iPad, the exact same thing they’ve done with the iPhone. Traditionally with the iPhone Apple has done a revolutionary release every two years while the release in between has been evolutionary at best. When the first iPhone came out it was absolutely amazing, and so was the first iPad. With the second generation iPhone we got the iPhone 3G, which again, was awesome. The second release of the iPad brought us the iPad 2 which was another leap forward for the tablet device. However, after the first two revolutionary releases of the iPhone, we were treated to the iPhone 3G S before we got the iPhone 4, and now we are getting the “New iPad” before we’ll get the actual iPad 4 (I believe).

Here’s what you need to know about the new iPad… It’s faster, has a better screen/graphics, the camera is better, and it is now 4G LTE compatible. The pricing for the new iPad remains the same as its predecessors, you can grab a 16GB wifi model for $499 and a 64GB 4G model will run you $829… I’m still not thrilled with the extra charge for 4G, but oh well. I’m highly disappointed with the fact that Apple hasn’t increased the storage capacity of the iPad (I wanted 128GB). Seriously, with a device that can edit 19MP images and play 1080p video, wouldn’t you think that most people will want the extra space? or maybe an SD card slot? I get the “walled garden” approach to Apple design, and their minimalism is part of why I love their products, but come on!

As was the case with the iPhone 4 S, if you have the iPad 2 this is probably not a must-have upgrade. However, if you are one of those still using the original iPad, you should definitely make the switch. Though I’m somewhat disappointed by the announcement today, I certainly understand the direction that Apple is (apparently) taking. In anticipation of this release I already sold my iPad 2, so I’m getting the new one on launch day, but like I said it’s up for debate as to whether or not I would recommend everyone rushing out to get one. Again, it’s just my $.02 but I thought I’d share… Discuss!

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  1. I was going to buy the iPad 2 about 4 weeks ago, but waited. Glad that I did. Waited for the new AppleTV as well. Another good move. I will not be getting the 4G as spend most of my time around Wi-Fi and have the tethering option on my iPhone 4s.
    So for me it was worth the wait but I don’t expect too many ppl to “upgrade”.
    As a photog I am looking forward to the higher resolution screen
    I have a Nikon D7000 with dual cards slots and a Eye-Fi in the 2nd slot. So, will I need to jump up to medium or large JPG to fill that screen?

  2. kate hailey says:

    Hey Justin!

    I agree, I actually haven’t purchased an iPad yet, I’ve been working on upgrading other pieces of equipment. I’ve been contemplating the iPad2, for sometime, and occasionally think about getting one via the Apple store since some refurbs are available. But now I kinda think I’ll wait a bit more. I too was hopeful of the possibility of a 128GB size, especially since I am a photographer. I can also say that even though I am a photographer I don’t anticipate taking photos with the iPad, I do however see using it as a portfolio and an editing tool, so the option to edit larger files would most certainly be nice! (Maybe next time?).

    Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Andy says:

    To be completely honest I lost all my retouchers respect for Apple when they announced Glossy Screens, but that’s another issue.

    The screen on this thing looks amazing on paper, but if there is truly a difference remains to be seen. I see that they keep boasting about added contrast and saturation…that is complete consumer talk right there. Look at this monitor 20,000 contrast ratio…

    What I’m trying to say is that I believe Apple is making the financial decision to apply marketing more than innovation. Just listen to the intro video…Super fast, amazing new processor for amazing graphics blah blah blah…but can’t support SIRI…although the iPHONE does? Just makes you wonder where all this is going?

    My .02!


    • Justin Seeley says:

      I agree that they seem more concerned with marketing vs innovation… but at the same time I believe they are making a decision to drift away from the “pro” market and they are becoming more of a consumer company. You can see it in all of their products, including their software (Final Cut)… They just don’t care about the pro market anymore because they know they’ve got the rest of the world in their pocket with these “toys” that they’re producing. It’s sad. While I love Apple and couldn’t imagine using anything else in my workflow(s), I think there will come a time where people like me will have to look elsewhere for hardware because the machines that Apple produces simply won’t cut it in features or capabilities.

      • Andy says:

        Amen brotha! Pretty can only last for so long…just ask any of the Victoria Secret models that I wish I knew!

      • Steve C. says:

        I’m with you, Justin. We’re waiting for Logic Pro 10 and hoping they don’t do what they did to Final Cut; if so, we’ll have GarageBand Pro and will absolutely stop teaching it at USC.
        Between the Final Cut “downgrade,” the possible equivalent for Logic, and the seemingly inevitable discontinuation of the Mac Pro towers, there are a lot of Mac users, companies, and institutions that are re-thinking their brand commitments.
        It’s a shame, actually.

  4. Todd says:

    I have the iPad 1 which the wife is now dominating. So I wanted to get another one and was waiting for the iPad 3 to come out. The stats do look nice with the retina screen and the quad-core graphics chip. The $499 price tag for the 16GB iPad is what is making me want to buy a used iPad 2 for $300 (approx.). All I mainly use the iPad for is reading books and comics. The standard email and web browsing do apply of course. I do use a few apps but none are those high graphic gaming apps. Based on your experience with the iPad 2 and seeing the new iPad 3…. what are your thoughts? Is the iPad 3 worth the extra money?

    I can see the argument for wanting a 128GB iPad. I have LOTS of files that would not fit on even a 64GB iPad but for me I can always move files on/off at will. Never have I had a need to have all of my music, videos, pictures on my phone/tablet at one time. But I can see where people who are in the photograph/graphics industry… their needs are different.

    I still remember when the iPad came out and thought that it was a very nice device that could be used well like in a hosptial setting for doctors/nurses not having to carry charts around, or in businesses to carry your files/presentations rather than having to fire up a laptop. But I didn’t see a real need to have one at home. That was until my wife got a Nook for her birthday and was reading a book that way. Then I wanted an iPad so I could read my comics and books. Now we use it every day to quickly check emails, browse the web (cooking recepies for her which hogs the iPad and why I need one for myself :P), check the weather, TV listings, etc…. The portability of it is so much nicer than having to go over to the computer to do your thing.

    Well that’s my $0.0104 cents (taxes).

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