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How to Create Realistic Spinning Wheels in Photoshop

How to Create Realistic Spinning Wheels in Photoshop

The 2014 version of Photoshop CC brought some really cool new features to designers and photographers alike. In this video tutorial I’ll walk you through one of my favorite new features, the Spin Blur, and show you how to create realistic spinning wheels using Photoshop CC. You must have the 2014 version of Photoshop CC…

How to Use Photoshop Text in Illustrator

I recently received an email from a viewer who was having trouble taking text in Photoshop and using it in Illustrator, while still maintaining its vector attributes. The process for doing this isn’t exactly intuitive, given that most of the interactions between Photoshop and Illustrator can be accomplished via copy/paste. However, in this tutorial I’ll show…

How to Create Better Grids in Photoshop

Creating grids in Photoshop is an essential piece of most web designers workflow. However, the process of setting up such grids can be quite tedious, considering that you have to drag out each guide individually and get your measurements precise on each one. Up until recently I had been using something called Gridulator, which is…

Create a Pixelated Background in Photoshop

Create a Pixelated Background in Photoshop

Recently while browsing a stock photography site, I came across a cool pixelated background image, and thought that it would make an awesome tutorial. I immediately dove in and began to figure out a method for how to crate a pixelated background in Photoshop. The process is actually pretty easy and it can be done…

Create Long Shadows in Adobe Illustrator

Create Long Shadows in Adobe Illustrator

Long shadows are all the range amongst designers these days. In this video I show you how to quickly and easily create long shadows in Adobe Illustrator using Live Effects that can easily be saved as graphic styles and applied to any piece of artwork that you create. Step 1 Select the graphic that you…

Finding Clients Using Social Media

I’m doing a series of Q&A videos wherein you ask me a question and I (hopefully) answer it. In this installment of the series I tackle a question from Andrew about finding clients using social media. This is a tricky art, but it can be done as long as your honest with people and you…

Hands On with Twitter Photo Filters

Earlier this week Twitter announced that they would be adding photo filters to their mobile applications and go head to head with Instagram (after they announced they were dropping support for the Twitter platform). Well, today the update went live and you now have access to Twitter’s filters on your mobile device.

Create a Vector Shutter Icon in Illustrator

In this video tutorial you will learn how to draw a vector shutter icon using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and some very basic shapes & tools.

Smoothing Skin in Photoshop CS6

In this video I give you a quick technique for smoothing skin using Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW, and Photoshop CS6. This is a quick and easy way of retouching photos non-destructively and I really like it!

Create a Vector Microphone Icon in Illustrator

Drawing things in Adobe Illustrator can be somewhat complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with using tools like the Shape Builder. In this video I show you just how easy drawing complex objects can be once you know how to use this awesome little tool.