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Fake HDR in Adobe Lightroom

Since I’ve been exploring the world of HDR there have been a few people asking how to get an HDR-like effect on their images without having to use a DSLR to bracket exposures or buying a program like Photomatix Pro… Well, in this tutorial I show you how to create fake HDR using Adobe Lightroom


Selective Sharpening in Photoshop

In this video I show you how to utilize a technique that I call “Selective Sharpening” using unsharp mask and a little layer masking magic inside of Adobe Photoshop.

Strive for Happiness, Not Success.

In the past year I’ve seen my fair share of changes. I took a chance on a new job, got married and even attempted to start my own business. The one part of this that has panned out as planned was the marriage. It’s because of this that I have started to think more and

Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been, Etc.

As many of you know, this year has been a year of change for me… I’ve lost over 200lbs, I got married to the most awesome woman on the planet, and I took a new job in Oklahoma City. Well, the winds of change continue to blow in my life as I find myself once


Auto Bracketing Exposures (Canon)

Recently I’ve been posting several HDR photos across the web and, to say the least, people have be intrigued as to how I’m shooting them and how I’m processing them. Well, earlier this week I posted a video on exactly how I process an HDR shot, so today I thought I’d give you a little


Processing HDR Photos

As I continue to go further down the rabbit hole of HDR photography, there have been a lot of people asking me exactly how I process my images and what tools I use to produce them. In this video I walk you step-by-step through my workflow of processing an HDR image. Of course you do


Multi-Layer Opacity in Photoshop CS5

Here’s another quick tip on changing the opacity value of multiple layers… Note, this ONLY works in CS5!


Converting Text in Photoshop

Here’s a great little video tip on how to instantly convert point text to paragraph text and vice versa in Photoshop… Enjoy!